Compostable Party Kit (serves 50)
Biodegradable Plates, Bowls, & Trays Biodegradable Utensils Biodegradable Cold Cups Biodegradable Plates, Bowls, & Trays
Compostable Party Kit (serves 50)

The Biodegradable Party Kit from Branch is the perfect way to go green with your next cookout. Featuring plates, bowls, and trays made from bagasse, utensils formed from potato starch, recycled-paper napkins, and compost-ready waste bags, this kit takes care of all your needs naturally. The kit comes ready to serve 50 guests and is delivered with your choice of cold cups, hot cups, or both. Finally, summer fun is green.

The kit includes:

7-inch Plates (pack of 50)
9-inch Plates (pack of 50)
12 oz. Soup Bowls (pack of 50)
12 in. Oval Platters (pack of 10)
Biodegradable Forks, Knives, & Spoons (50 of each)
Your Choice of Cups (pack of 50)
Recycled-Paper Napkins (pack of 100)
Biodegradable Waste Bags (pack of 3)

Simply choose the cup option that works best for you:
Price - $48.00

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